New products available in Models and the Warning Advisory System

13 June 2022

The Barcelona Dust Regional Center welcomes two new models in its Daily Dust Products. With these new incorporations, the MULTI-MODEL product now considers 17 regional and global models. Also, 6 new countries have been added to the Warning Advisory System. 

Daily Dust Products: MOGACE
The MOCAGE model is developed and maintained by Météo-France.  

MOCAGE (Modèle de Chimie Atmosphérique de Grande Echelle) is the reference chemical-transport model at Météo-France. It aims at simulating atmospheric composition, including both gases and aerosols, for a wide range of applications such as sand and dust storm tracking. The global configuration has a spatial horizontal resolution of ~ 100km and assimilates AOD from MODIS and VIIRS.

Daily Dust Products: ZAMG-WRF-CHEM
The ZAMG-WRF-CHEM model is maintained by ZAMG.

The Austrian Central Institution for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) is a Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC) of the WMO for atmospheric backtracking that support the verification of potential source regions of nuclear activities. Furthermore, the ZAMG assists the Austrian National Crisis Management with dispersion forecasts in case of nuclear accidents, volcanic ash emissions or forest fires. Air quality forecasts at ZAMG are based on the WRF-CHEM chemical-transport model.

Warning Advisory System: New countries added 

Information about dust and sand concentration warning levels for the next 2 days is now available for five new countries in the Sahel. The WAS product is now available for Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Chad, Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Senegal. 

Barcelona Dust Regional Center