New article: Fully Dynamic High–Resolution Model for Dispersion of Icelandic Airborne Mineral Dust

9 September 2022

New article publication in Atmosphere (MDPI) on Icelandic Airborne Mineral Dust

Title: Fully Dynamic High–Resolution Model for Dispersion of Icelandic Airborne Mineral Dust.

Authors:  Cvetkovic, B.; Dagsson-Waldhauserová, P.; Petkovic, S.; Arnalds, Ó.; Madonna, F.; Proestakis, E.; Gkikas, A.; Vukovic Vimic, A.; Pejanovic, G.; Rosoldi, M.; et al. 

Atmosphere 2022, 13, 1345.
Academic Editor: Anil Namdeo
Received: 25 May 2022
Accepted: 28 July 2022
Published: 23 August 2022

Abstract:"Icelandic topsoil sediments, as confirmed by numerous scientific studies, represent the largest and the most important European source of mineral dust. Strong winds, connected with the intensive cyclonic circulation in the North Atlantic, induce intense emissions of mineral dust from local sources all year and carry away these fine aerosol particles for thousands of kilometers. Various impacts of airborne mineral dust particles on local air quality, human health, transportation, climate and marine ecosystems motivated us to design a fully dynamic coupled atmosphere–dust numerical modelling system in order to simulate, predict and quantify the Icelandic mineral dust..."

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