Dr Slobodan Nickovic interview: "Life with dust: its impacts and how to catch it"

12 September 2022

EGU interview with Dr Slobodan Nickovic: "Life with dust: its impacts and how to catch it"
by Gabriele Amato April 4, 2022

Dr Slobodan Nickovic talks about modelling, impacts and new products to deal with challenges in the field of dust storms hazard and risk management.

"In today’s interview, we have the pleasure to meet Dr Slobodan Nickovic, who won the prestigious 2022 Plinius Medal.

Slobodan is a research consultant at the Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia, and at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade, Serbia. Throughout his career, he worked for national and international educational, scientific, and operational institutions including the Universities of Belgrade, Athens and Malta, and the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

Slobodan has dedicated a great part of his life to improving our knowledge of mineral dust cycles carrying pioneering scientific work on predicting atmospheric sand and dust storms. Nickovic has developed the first operational prognostic dust regional atmospheric model, DREAM, which by 2006 had been implemented operationally in Serbia, Greece, Tunisia and Malta."

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