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Accessibility Statement

This site was designed to accommodate the different ways people access and use the Internet. The site is fully compliant with the most popular web browsers and operating systems. As the standards can vary over time, please contact the site administration if you have any accessibility issue. Please note that the number of users that can access the site simultaneously cannot exceed 100. 

User experience

The site is responsive and it will adapt its content for viewports ranging from 1200px to 320px.

The interactive visualization tool that allows access to different dust forecasts and dust-related observational products is only available on desktop or tablet devices in landscape mode. Visualization on mobile devices or devices with a resolution lower that 1024px (width) is not supported.

Software requirements

There are no software requirements to visualize the entire web portal. However, the user is encouraged to use recent versions of web browsers that allow to preview PDF files. PDF settings should not be set up to auto-download, because it prevents files from being rendered within the web portal.

Third-party content that is embedded in the site may get blocked by your browser, depending on how the "Content Blocking" has been configured in the browser. Read the browser's documentation to disable it.

Barcelona Dust Regional Center